Mermaid Toast!

Soooooo, I came across THIS on Pinterest the other day, and got excited.  My girls, Vivian (6) and Cara (3), would absolutely love it.

unicorn toast

The genius creation came from a blog site called Vibrant & Pure, which I’ve gone ahead and linked here.

This morning, I got the kids in the kitchen for some good bonding time. I explained what we would be doing, and let them get started on their own unicorn themed breakfast.  Even James got really into it.

We made a couple changes to our unicorn toast.  First, we had bagels sitting on the kitchen counter, and it just seemed like the natural thing to do.   And second, the original creator of unicorn toast used ingredients such as beet juice and and freeze dried blueberry powder, which is brilliant, but I was limited on time, energy (and money to be honest), so we simply went with food coloring.  I would love to be one of those super crunchy moms, but it’s just not realistic with life right now. Most days, I’m in straight survival mode.  And that’s okay.  Sometimes the least stressful route is the healthiest one for everyone involved.

I made a point to buy the whipped cream cheese so that it would be easy for the kids to mix on their own.  However, it is always more cost effective to buy a brick of cheese and whip it up in the mix master.  You’re guaranteed to double or triple your amount of cream cheese.  Good for anyone to know, if you want to pinch pennies or if your family goes through a lot of cream cheese in your family.  I went ahead and divvied the cream cheese up into 4 bowls, and placed a few drops of food coloring in each.  The children were each given their own bowl to mix.

IMG_20170409_165301_738      IMG_20170409_165301_741

Once finished, they were able to pick what colors they wanted on their bagel, load them up, and spread the colors around with a plastic spoon. They were able to do most everything by themselves, although I did have to put limits on how much cream cheese could go on a single bagel.




All three kids had a ton of fun creating unicorn toast bagels.  It was really quick, easy, and surprisingly mess free.  Well…except for the fact that James decided to turn the cream cheese into war paint and then decorate his sisters’ faces too.  Vivian was not impressed. But even that washed off easily enough.


IMG_20170409_155116_164   IMG_20170409_155426_477

Once finished, I put the remainder of the cream cheese back into it’s original container, and it’s right there for easy grabs.  Looks like my kiddos are going to be having unicorn toast for breakfast for the next few days!

I would actually really recommend trying this with your kids if you think they would like it.  Personally, I’d prefer my kids play with colored cream cheese painted on a bagel rather than handing them paper and paint. It was less of a hassle, and less messy. I mean, seriously, they licked up the messes they made, and ate their art projects!

If I were to do it again, I think I would make a lesson out of it.  I would love to use primary colors and let the kids play and discover what secondary colors could be made.  It would be a bit more gender neutral that way too.


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