Hallelujah, The Soccer Season has Ended!

Today was the kid’s last soccer match of the season. Y’all don’t even know! Halfway through the season, they both decided they hate soccer. Which means for the last two months I’ve had to drag unhappy unwilling children back and forth to practices and games while they whined in the back seat. I’ve caught myself on more than one occasion telling them, “You’re GOING to soccer, and you’re GOING to like it.” It’s my father’s words coming out of my mouth, and I don’t know whether to giggle or cry. I still miss him.
Vivian’s game was early in the morning. Proof of her enthusiasm? At one point, I had to holler at her because she was spinning circles in the middle of the field.  James’ game took place right after hers, and about fifteen minutes into the game, it began to pour rain. Secretly, I was glad we could go home, that was until I realized I had locked the keys in the car. Ugh. Karma. I get excited my child’s last game gets rained out, and God makes sure I get stuck standing in a torrential downpour.

Game day photos.  At least they’re cute!
18382083_126888497862889_8509003303470759936_n     18443573_210000962849214_8175664676810522624_n

James is a straight up jack-o-lantern right now!


2 thoughts on “Hallelujah, The Soccer Season has Ended!

  1. Hi – I saw the comment about parental alienation on my blog. You asked what my marriage was like – I don’t have a marriage or children. I am suffering from PA the way that you were. I am the child of parents who manipulated me against each other. I will never have children.
    Thank you for your comment,


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