My Story


I guess it is about time I wrote about my story, how and why I developed PTSD. I’ve held off on writing about this because it is a complicated story, and one I find difficult to articulate. It wasn’t a singular split-second event that caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Instead, it was an accumulation of multiple events–because we all have breaking points, and I finally found mine.

I will write this in two parts, as I think that is easiest. Part 1: My Childhood, and Part 2: Trapped in Hell. What happened to me as adult makes very little sense to an outsider unless they first understand my childhood story. It’s because the abuser is the same in both stories, the tactics being used were the same, but his target the second time around was different. I knew what was coming, I’d seen it before, but there was absolutely nothing I could do.


Part 1: My Childhood Experience with Parental Alienation

Part 2: Trapped in Hell, Thank You, Dad, for PTSD


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