Pirates of the Caribbean Kids Themed Dinner

Fun times in the Valenti household. We decided to do a movie and themed dinner last night. We got into this tradition when the kids were too little to sit through a movie in the theaters. Usually, we will pick out a movie the kids would really like, search Pinterest for some inspiration, and create a fun family meal.

The new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is in theaters, and I realized that James and Vivian have never seen any of the previous films. I feel like I’ve deprived my kids! We live on an island where everything is themed pirates, and it’s not unusual to come across a “pirate” in the grocery store. There is a local fundraiser organization that dresses in pirate costumes for all of their events, so running into children think is a real live pirate is a norm. As is seeing a pirate boat set off a cannon during city festivals. So with my crew’s love of all things pirates, what better fun than to create pirate themed fare and introduce them to Captain Jack Sparrow.

As is always, if I’m in the kitchen, so are the kids. They had a blast preparing their meal, playing with their food, and eating it too. In our quest to create kid-friendly fare that isn’t too unhealthy, we made octodogs, fruit swords, cantaloupe pirate ships, and cookies with frosting that looked like clam shells with pearls inside. We had one failed attempt at creating pirate booty using Oreos and edible gold spray paint, but we will get to that later. Hey, not everything tried is gonna go right.

Here is our meal all laid out. To be honest it was all incredibly easy and didn’t really take a whole lot of effort or grocery shopping to create. Fun and creative meals don’t have to take hours to create if you chose your meal plans carefully, and find where you are comfortable cutting corners.





Stealing the hot dogs! Why am I not surprised.

Let’s start with our Pinterest fail, and then we will get to all of the successes. The pirate booty cookies were created using Golden Oreos since I figured those would be easier to color and Wilton’s Gold Color Mist which is supposed to be edible. Here is what I learned, the color spray might work great lightly sprayed over icing, but it soaks into cookies and tastes like, well…..have you ever tried to drink Everclear straight from the bottle? Yeah, sorta like that.

Here was the inspiration, it’s a great idea for decoration, just not so great for eating. I didn’t manage to get a picture of our own cookies, I wish I had because our paint wasn’t anywhere near as dark as the ones shown below, but it was still too much paint to be edible.



Moving onto successes, we had kabobs the other night, so we used the leftover skewers to make “swords” I broke off the tips since they were sharp, and threatened my kids within an inch of their lives if they tried to use the skewers to duel one another.  The original creation used meats and cheeses, but we improvised.  Too bad my kids boycott anything involving deli meats after a year of sandwiches packed in lunchboxes each day for school!  Anyways, here is the original!



Our pirate boats turned out pretty cute, and Cara was in charge of creating out pirate flags using cardboard, skewers, and color crayons. We put the skewers into the cantaloupe slices and mom helped her to tape her flags to the top. She was pretty proud of herself. Not bad work for a three-year-old.  I found a lot of great ideas on a site called catchmyparty.com, including our cantaloupe boats and our fruit swords.  There are a million other fun food ideas I can’t wait to go back and try!

dsc08676 (1).jpg


I’m sure everyone has seen “octodogs” all over Pinterest. My kids got their first octodogs served to them at Shrimp Fest this year, and it turned out to be super easy to recreate at home.

For our clam shell cookies, which were my favorite. It’s another creation from catchmyparty.com.   I bought store bought icing, shortbread cookies, and found our “pearl” sprinkles in the Wilton section of Walmart just next to the birthday party and wedding supplies. This was one of those areas where I could have taken a lot more effort to bake cookies and make my own icing, but the point of today wasn’t to slave away in the kitchen, it was to spend quality time with my kids.   They turned out to be surprisingly easy to make. The original creators did come out cuter though.  That’s okay, my kids still loved them.

dsc05428     20170609_184721


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