Therapy Takeaways: Acknowledging Successes

"You're really going to eat breakfast with me?!?! Mommy, you've never eaten with me before."  Talk about pulling at heart strings.  Her eyes lit up with excitement, and she even set the table for us to eat.  If there has ever been a meal I've been proud of accomplishing, it's that one. For three days … Continue reading Therapy Takeaways: Acknowledging Successes


No More Weigh-In’s EVER!!!

I couldn't possibly be any happier right now. So, last time I went to my psychiatrist's office she wanted to get my weight and I practically screamed, “NO”. Welcome to the irrational world of anorexia, where skinny people gain a tiny bit of weight, become super self-conscious, and cry if anyone tries to see their … Continue reading No More Weigh-In’s EVER!!!