Decreasing Psychotherapy Sessions

No. No. No!  When did I become this needy?  This reliant?  How did I become this person? Miss Independent, who takes on the world all on her own is now freaking out because her therapist told her that sessions will be decreased.  Seriously?! Ugh. Get a grip Danielle. I recently got a new job which … Continue reading Decreasing Psychotherapy Sessions


Love-Hate Relationship

How much I want that picture above to be me. I think I was that little girl for a time, but at some point that image evaporated and nothing I can do will draw it back.  I want to be that little girl all grown up.  A cup of hot chocolate, replaced with a cup … Continue reading Love-Hate Relationship

Therapy: I’ve Finally Started Speaking about Sexual Abuse

I guess this goes without saying, but yeah....I'll put a trigger warning on this piece. EMDR.  Everything had been going smoothly up till that moment.  Everything I had prepared myself to see had come up.  Then suddenly an image I didn't want to see showed itself.  One I didn't want to remember.  One my therapist didn't know … Continue reading Therapy: I’ve Finally Started Speaking about Sexual Abuse