Painful Secrets of Abuse

Sometimes I think the most painful part of abuse is the secrets that it forces.  It's not even about shame.  Not really.  I'm not ashamed of what was done to me.  But I hold it as secret because society dictates that these are not things we talk about. People ask how I am and I … Continue reading Painful Secrets of Abuse


Therapy 6/13/17–Regrets

James  4 months When I was 21, I had my first child.  It was probably one of the more difficult challenges I had faced.  Both my husband and I were still in college, I wasn't sure he would stick around, and I had no idea how I would make ends meet.  I was scared and … Continue reading Therapy 6/13/17–Regrets

Therapy: I’ve Finally Started Speaking about Sexual Abuse

I guess this goes without saying, but yeah....I'll put a trigger warning on this piece. EMDR.  Everything had been going smoothly up till that moment.  Everything I had prepared myself to see had come up.  Then suddenly an image I didn't want to see showed itself.  One I didn't want to remember.  One my therapist didn't know … Continue reading Therapy: I’ve Finally Started Speaking about Sexual Abuse